Chat (Basics)


Create chats in easydoo to get in direct contact with the relevant people and exchange ideas on different topics.

Advantages of chats in easydoo

easydoo allows you and your team to communicate directly in the right context without having to switch back and forth between different tools. This allows you to have the information in the right place, avoid misunderstandings and increase efficiency by reducing interfaces.

You can communicate directly on a task, file or session, or create team and group chats to share. For important topics, you can be automatically informed by registering yourself or someone else as a participant. So you can create more transparency and ensure the flow of information.

Types of chats

There are different types of chats, such as global (user, group, and team chats), as well as contextual (on a work item, file, session, or folder) chats. You can find out more about this in the article Types of chats.

Helpful features

Within a chat, you can mention other people or link tasks so that they can be notified directly and respond to your message. You can also insert images in the chat messages or format the text.

When will I receive a notification?

You can always follow in a chat who receives a notification when sending a message and is thus informed about it. You can see this information in the notification info note.

If you also explicitly mention someone, for example by writing @Peter Douglas, then this person will receive a notification in any case.

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